Origin of the association
Origin, creation and Purposes
of the association OFLAG IID-IIB-XXIB

The Amicale de l'oflag was a follow-up of an initiative of prisoners of war taken during their incarceration
in Grossborn, Arnswalde and Szubin in Pomerania. It has the following aims

To maintain the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance born among the prisoners while in the camps excluding any politics and religious believes.

Groupe du centre d'entraide
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To assist governmental institutions when solicited by them to find and initiate solutions pertaining to the ex-war prisoners.

To continue to help morally and physically the prisoners, their families, widows and orphans of those who died during their captivity or as a consequence of their imprisonment.

Today, after almost 60 years, less than one hundred prisoners who spent nearly 5 years in camps are still living today. This of a total of more than 3000 held in Grossborn, Arnswalde and Szubin. In spite of the difficulties encountered in maintain assistance to the individuals, their widows, their descendants and most of all to those who still today endure effects of their imprisonment, this assistance must be maintained. In particular,
it is necessary to be able to obtain the total or partial awareness of those deserving assistance and to provide assistance to moral support of the prisoners and their families.


Cette « épinglette » a été créée après la naissance
de l'Amicale des prisonniers de l'Oflag IIB en 1945
après leur retour de captivité.
Elle était portée à la boutonnière des vestes par ceux
qui le souhaitaient et qui avaient été prisonniers
de cet Oflag IIB.